I open up my bed to let myself out of it. I'm bathed with the idea of living, I live in a bedroom and it's mine. I don't have much else in here except for an action figure. It is indescribable but it is definitely my favorite because I found it myself for free behind a garage one morning. I don't know if it was a child's or not, but I am somewhat of a child and I want what children want, so what I found suited my desires. This bedroom of mine has lots of things, and one of them is a window. I look through the window and I get to see a clean house. There is nothing else out there aside from the landscape. It is the usual landscape -- green grass, flowers, and pretty blue turquoise clouds. What I see outside the window is how I imagine the outside to be before I actually leave the house, and I'm satisfied with the result each time. My prospect normally matches my conclusion, and I have no idea at all.

I go down to a kitchen -- it is not my kitchen, but it is in my house -- to eat breakfast. A breakfast is made for energy and I hope I always get it. I've never been a victim of exhaustion, and I'm confident in what I consume in any space, even if it is not mine. From my view of the cabinet I see granola, tea, a TV remote, lipstick, spices, cereal, and cookie. Out of all of these things, my favorite breakfast thing is the cereal, so I take it from the cabinet so the cereal becomes mine. I take the cereal out and put it into a bowl, it is my favorite kind and it is called Astro Crunch. The figure on it looks very cool. I am eating my cereal and thinking about the view outside my window and the time feels like it's going by so slowly since the morning, a friend comes out from under the cereal. It's a friend I've never met before.

"I am Will," he proclaims.

"It's 2:04 P.M., and you'll finally get what we want." I look at him quizically, not testically, and finish the last piece of my cereal before realizing there are 2 more things with his face on it. They must be his friends, and mine now too. They don't say anything and they touch me. I am what they've always wanted to be around, and I don't want to interrupt that. Will is a small little thing, and I'm assuming he came from the green cereal box. Is this supplied by the company? He, or it, must not be. The rest of his friends were his size actually -- the size of my cat. There was one of Will's friends who was huge however, and stood ominously behind me using my TV as a victory ledge. I'm sure there is destruction in his head somewhere, and if he wanted to break something, he surely could. As I said before, this is not my kitchen, it is simply a kitchen. Maybe it was their kitchen all along. I sit with them for a few hours listening to the new music they gave me and when I finally turn around to look out the beautiful window the kitchen also has, I see that my view has gone away. Well, everything is still there, but the house has been cracked, it has been opened. I go outside to see if the house is still the same.


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