There is always work to do here, and it's never been hard. That is thanks to the Plant Maze System, created by an older man. Everyone who works here has forgotten his name because what the factory does, along with the process he created, precedes his own identity. Would he have wanted this? No one knows, no one cares, and no one on earth has time to -- there is much work to be done.

Maria is on frontline today, and she has been considered the best worker. She has the technique to get all the people into the ship, and she knows how to cut the rope loose and feed it to Jonah's Cedar, a large plant with teeth and eyes. Jonah's Cedar is an unknown plant and no one knows where it came from, but it has come here now and everyone must take care of it. The priority is the work, not the knowledge. However, judging from Maria's proficiency in the process, you wouldn't think that.

To feed Jonah's cedar, the factory must place all of the laziest people into a green Basket-Boat. Each basket-boat is tagged with specific coordinates on the side of it, acting as instructions on how the people should be swallowed into Jonah's Cedar. If it's done correctly, Jonah's Cedar will be happy for the day, and the world can be beautiful and peaceful. On the top of each basket-boat there are green ropes connected to a bell. The sides of these bells contain berries that feed the lazy ones while they are stuck in the ship waiting to be fed. An assembly line of these basket-boats can reach 25-100 per day. These people are not killed, murdered, or banished, they are accepted into the natural world, and Jonah's Cedar is just the door.

If there was any regret to the lost knowledge of the founder of the Plant Maze System, it would be the rules he set. Since the rules were created, there is a contest to be the hardest worker through this job, and Jonah's Cedar acts as somewhat of a measure as to who works enough or not. It is seen on the walls and the ceilings, and Jonah's Cedar must be thanked for the natural life finally on this planet. The founder of Plant Maze System had died with the rest of the industrial tycoons, resulting in a large growth of natural life. There are theories that the Founder of Plant Maze System did it on purpose, and killed himself and every other industrial leader, as he had a vision of how the world would be: children roaming freely in the natural world, humans in love, and no more work to be done in the free world. Maria has thought of this before, and with the job coming easy to her, it is easy to think. Everytime the thought of it comes up, she gets frustrated and feels trapped. That is the burden of carefree while working. At the end of her working days, it became clear that the solution to not be upset with Jonah's Cedar burden was to not know, not care, and to only work. That is the way of carefree living in this natural world.


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