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Hi Again

It is October 19th I think.


An extremely early stage of Copper Odyssey was given to 3 people! Besides obvious, I am going to compile a list of to do things here to make it easier to know what to get to. Thank you to the 3 people that tested: Bradley, Kam, and Zac. Here are the things.

A lot of work has been done on the game, to the point where I'm not too embarassed to show or record any of it. It's easier for me to make enemies when I don't traditionally draw it as well, in some ways I am less limited digitally. The game also goes at the speed i'd like, and others have approved of it. I'd say at this pace, the game could be done after 2021, easily, and at the latest.

People Reference Sheet

In my latest piece, "Unicorn", there is a new type of people I've made. They have one horn, so they are Unicorns. The above image is how I classify things in my stories.

New Interest

I've come across a new interest in the smell of velcro. I don't have any to smell, but the idea of machinery having velcro is very nice to me for some reason. There is a satisfaction in any good buckle. I've started coloring the larger piece for my longer piece, Unicorn, and I just finished the logo for the Stitch story. I think that will be the next story to be posted. Also screaming has been nice? Velcro, screaming, and grey machinery is what I'd be interested in putting into a piece next. I am still waiting on Posca markers.


This is the start of this site and blog -- 4:20 PM on 20. Maybe there is a clock function on HTML? I've always wanted to have a small clock on a website on both corners, with one of the clocks being upside down. That's really all there is to say for now. Work about the development of Copper Odyssey, Eyedoctor, will go here. This is for documentation / note reasons. Maybe the reason will change. Thanks for being here, if you are. While editing this post, I learned how to add a clock!