"This isn't supposed to happen at funerals, right?" asked a Living One. It can't be, thought the funeral. This funeral wasn't too much of a funeral to the living eye, it was more like an exhibition show. People go to things for a reason.

"We all thought you were done living with us." stated the Best Friend, Wesley. Wesley stands over the coffin, board in hand, keeping a grounded look while still being floor-boarded by the realization that her Most Radical Friend, Callie, was alive after all after a terrible accident.

"I was dead, I come back again. What's the big deal? Maybe I got lucky and someone else wanted to die in my place. Please do not fret about this too long, we shouldn't stand on ceremony about something humans should be doing." Callie stated, still laying in the wheeled coffin. She refers to the idea of humans living -- that is what humans should be doing.

Wheeled coffin sits on the cloth as a reference to the origin of Callie's death, being a destruction of her body on the pavement in front of the local Cake Shop. People walk out of cake shop and see Destroyed Body, not the Most Radical Callie that they were used to seeing in the distance at the skate park. Would be a rude reward to come out of a leisurely place to death. Callie found it a rude reward to wake up from her leisurely time of death and see all the Living People be surprised or appalled that she's alive. They claim her body was in shreds. They claim her body couldn't have been recovered. Callie doesn't care what she can or cannot do, she lives to breath and to shred again.

The Living Cake Maker from the cake shop tries to explain to Callie,

"I'm really just frustrated that I made this huge cake of you and now it's --"

"Not even an ounce of resemblance to me?" snapped Callie.

It was a Living Cake Maker's worst nightmare to have their own funeral cakes critiqued by members of the family, let alone the person who died.

Living Cake Maker must now face an entire crowd of people watching over him for his failure of the cake's resemblance, a resemblance that no one really cared about too much because that resemblance was dead and gone. Now that Callie is alive and well, her resemblance has meaning again. The cake now must also have its meaning, for it must be Callie, the Most Radical Friend.

"You make that cake look like me again and I'll go back to how I should be. That's the only way things here will make sense." stated Callie.

The rest of the funeral chatters about in an agreeing manner and nodding.

The Living Cake Maker can't even seem to put together his thoughts for what he's hearing right now. Who would want to go back to dying just so a cake could look like them in their honor? The whole situation is nonsense he thought. As his thoughts become more well cooked, the Living Cake Maker's eyes are greeted to an angry group of mourners who just want their friend dead!

With a stutter and look of shock, the only thing the Living Cake Maker can think to do is to run away, and so he does. He bolts out of funeral home and with little momentum, he has run into the street in front of a truck, killing him instantly.

"A life for a life. . ." says Callie, walking out of the coffin.


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