Lost Nevada has a red sky but it's never violent to anyone who's born there, only the ones that visit. Because of this, the tourism rate is low and their traditions are kept. This is not to diminish of what a red sky would do, however. These kept traditions are often the #1 cause of death in this town, extremity is what the town lives and dies off of. This is only the air of it though -- people are not naturally dumb.

Why, there is one person coming right now? There is nothing to say, nothing to come out of their mouth, and not much to speak of their appearance, no one had much say in it. People found it a bit intimidating. Continuing down the hall this person goes, they've made it clear they're upset about something. Furiosity and frustration in this town is a recurring character due to the red, but it is recoined as "liveliness" and everyone loves it. This person is frustrated due to a marriage, her father's marriage -- the Mayor of Lost Nevada's marriage. He is getting married today and he is handsome. "People like the sun because it makes them feel this way," thought the Duck.

Who is the Duck? The Duck Chainsaw is who we saw strolling past. It is what. The Duck Chainsaw is an automatic and perfectly maneuverable 12kg yellow chainsaw made to intimidate passerbys. Customized machinery eats people here but Duck Chainsaw had worked it out, and they used it to get what they want. Still a respectable person, they dress to go to their father's wedding.

Future Mrs. Nevada is thinking.

Mr. and Mrs. Nevada are sunken under the steel arch used for every marriage since Lost Nevada was found.


The sun doesn't look good on anyone today, they are fatigued with steel arch because it has been used for too long. They hate steel arch now because they can't see the Handsome Mayor or the Pretty Wife. They want to end Lost Nevada but don't know where to start -- they recently heard of the World Wide Web, and saw a bunch of different things they might be into. Things like cakes, string, stones, guitars, flowers, and different kinds of weddings. The informed and unextreme were calm, informed and extreme were not at wedding because they had motorcycle and the World Wide Web.

Duck Chainsaw kisses the barren ground with their tools, they look so cool today in the sun. Steel arch has no effect on them because they are sunken with steel everyday. They roll like motorcycle to large steel arch and decide to saw it in half with yellow glory, and everyone loves the steel shards the destruction has. Many of the people in the crowd, including the informed ones with World Wide Web, started eating the steel because it looked really nice in the sun and everything looked nice in the sun because the arch was finally gone. Mayor's head goes crazy and remembers they had a "child person". His new shoes look like fresh steel. They look so good in the sun. Everyone sees it.


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