"It's the club again." the old man says. "What would you like this time?" After the old man asks his normal question, the Earth presents itself to the group.

"We'd like a few buildings, as always."

"Well, you have to be more specific, more specific. There is always more and more things being made on Earth...that planet...don't you think they have enough things? You guys are really doing them a favor! What size, shape, regi--"

"We'll take them all!!"

The group threw as many stars as they could from their pockets at the old man, paying as a small fortune.

This is Club Skymall. Made up of 8 celestial angels biblically diagnosed with affluenza by God themselves, and their fate is accepted. Through their riches of taking stars, they have been able to buy whatever they want from different planets of any kind. Today in space, they had finally gotten a nice little bonus -- the stars are birthing themselves again! There is more for the taking. They swim through space and take these stars to increase their wealth. There is no problem with getting rid of it in the short term, they only take away the view of the people in rural districts of planets -- the places where they only need stars to see. The angels did not know about this however, they barely know humans exist. They only know that property exists. They find beauty in what they find on planets, and the idea of "man-made" has no bearing on them. What they see is what the planet is.

They've had their eyes on Earth for quite a while, and they've bought from there before. They are the reason Mt. Periodical is gone, the Great Tower of Asaty, and the dome of Sham vanished out of thin air and were never to be seen again. Oh, you've never heard of those?

The 8 girls fly down to the atmosphere, the fire and pressure going down only gets them more excited. They are hotter, more joyous. They have paid for what they wanted and they'll get it with ease. Doulzia, angel 8, has already prepped her shopping bag ready to take a few buildings. She takes Sears Tower, the Trump Tower, and a University of Chicago hospital. Hospitals were always popular among the angels, for its little bridges and things gave way to make interesting dioramas. Hotel shared the same boat, but the "things" they claimed to find in there were too excitable for their tastes. But as Seeg, angel 6, had proclaimed earlier, they were taking everything today.

"If your hands are full, just throw it! Throw it into the sky!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" said Dous, angel 2. She is the youngest of the bunch, and joined a few centuries ago. She goes for the tinier huts and houses normally found in places like farms and 3rd world countries, but those have been scavenged before because the Old Man sold them for very low prices. Dous must go into the larger urban areas to take contemporary buildings.

"It's just too heavy! There's too much! Rrr!!" Dous continues to struggle to keep up with the club's chaos.

Dous takes a break, looking over the large empty space that's been created. It is the face of cleanliness, the empty spaces and patches. From where the angels fly, the Earth could have always been skin. They pay with stars to clean the planet and to gain more. This is the intended nature of things, as thought. Dous, in her struggle, tries to go back to her roots and scavenge for smaller areas. A few huts there, a few tents there, a few small community centers, yada yada. This made Dous feel humble, as she would take what the others just couldn't bear to see. Through her small journies, she has even learned to parse some information about the buildings.

"Built then? What does built mean?"

Thought to be grown, the only thing that constantly confused the Club was the color of things on Earth. It seemed mismatched, like there was something not right and too correct at the same time about it. "We'll ask the Smarter Ones about it later." was always Doulzia's line if the topic was raised. Still, after their few raids to Earth, no one still knew most of what was going on in this blue skinned planet.

A cute red house to be taken for her kit, Dous is excited and begins to rip off the small island the house sits on. A brave human walks out! A human with eyes, and a mouth, and nose. She looks exactly like Dous does.

"Why does this bug look like me? I thought I was pretty!" says Dous. The human cannot see Dous' angel face as she is wearing a normal mask, but Dous lets this information get to her. She leaves the human be, along with the small house. The other angels have already scoured the entire earth of all its centers and habitats. They have cleansed the world, and assuming every living thing within it. Dous looks at the island in her hands again and leaves it levitating in the Earth's sky above the ocean. Dous keeps it a secret that she did not take everything she could, and flies back with the rest of the club. The human looks up at the angels, smiling, knowingly.


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