There is sewing time in largest room today, the King does it as usual, it is his favorite hobby. He plops down to cold ground with shining green floors and wall that are just like knights and the nights he is in. Sitting in cold is fine for himself, but the sewing is body of warmth during night. Sewing cannot possibly be a human yet, he thought. There is no use for a human of cloth, a human without a heart, a human who can't really live. After sewing all night, a knight comes to tell the king that his army has taken another loss to another country. It is always the tale of 'another after another' when it comes to the King's loss, but his sewing creations often made up for them. To him, at least.

'Maybe you should do something useful, my lord. Give us instructions, I had to see my son get killed today, and I have three-fourths of a mind to put it onto you.'

The King does not get mad at one for talking to him this way, a knight acts how a knight acts but a king does not have to be like every other king. All the winning kings that the King had heard of were ruthless, awful, often cold, and presumably, had little of a heart. The King leaves the disappointed knight and goes back to his own room for more sewing.

The next morning, all across his land, heads of his knights were put all across the town on the pale green walls. The expression of King is nothing, as these heads are not him. The villagers beg to the king to figure out a way for their kingdom to not be pillaged, as the loss of a battle the day before was a sign that the kingdom could not take anymore. The vision of heads and the amount of blood led the King to a conclusion. The King goes back to his room for more sewing.

The screaming had gone throughout the days, there is always more crying at big wooden doors. Big wooden doors also get set on fire, but the villagers have no mind to do anything like that yet. A dreadful day before the kingdom's presumed last battle, the King comes out of large door with a girl made of various skin tones and patches, and an intricate attire that bears the uniform the other knights wore. This was a full human, a sewn and created human! The King assured everyone that there was indeed a heart, as if that was what people were concerned about. Pinned to her chest was a heart split into 3 quadrants and an exquisite display of button connections. It is not technically a heart, but no one had seen anything like this soldier before, so saying anything would come off as out of turn.

'Quite a tall girl, isn't it?' said Jeremy, the man who was often out of turn. Jeremy rubs off on the peasants that look at the new sewn girl, and a few of the men nod, but the crowd regards it as an almost useless comment. The comment's usefulness is only a prompt for The King to reveal a telling fact about his creation:

'Why make a human that is small and inferior? This creation is meant to be better than you, is it not? You wanted a creation to defeat dragons and the machines of Hell, this is what you get. Please sulk in the realization that you, Jeremy, will never be as good as the things I create. Anyone in this world can and will love you, but what I would love you for is not something that would save my life.'

The King's statement has not rubbed off on the crowd, but is a direct hit to Jeremy, and he leaves to go back to his home with his wife that loves him.

The King leaves to go back into his castle, with his creation that cannot speak. Is there no name for this creation? A creation with a face and a body and a purpose should have a name, even pieces of art have names after all. The name to settle on for this ransom note of a human is Pandora. 'Who knows what secrets she holds', chuckles The King, glaring at his Pandora, only to feel more embarassed once she blinks. This embarassment turns to awkwardness, and the King's self awareness of the situation of how he and a girl alone would look to the public prompts him to make more of the same -- more of 'her kind'.

Throughout a month, The King continued to make elaborate sewn soldiers who acted as comrades to Miranda. These comrades were named Grammar, Stringer, Gypsum, and Stein. Each of them had their own red tag to signify the idea of a heart, as Miranda was still the only one with a decent heart, and by far one of the more elaborate of the soldiers. She was always meant to be the leader after all, and The King loved Miranda the most. Questions raised if his love for Miranda and his own craftsmanship would deter him from actually sending her and the rest of the soldiers into their own purpose.

The people of the town did not appreciate The King's negligence of combat, and in safety, they built a large wall for themselves. This town was never bothered again, yet The King's sewn soldier production kept going. Eventually dragons made of fabric were created, houses made of fabric were created. The King becomes a rising joke, with the sewn puppet soldiers being the icons of it. If anything were to fall victim to the King's crippling reputation, it would be the indestructible sewn soldiers. Their first enemies stand to be the people of the town, waiting with flames in their hand. The King hides himself and makes himself completely unseen, and the soldiers stand outside in the meadows, waiting for their first enemies to face.


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