"Absence but we're so beautiful, where are the rest of us?" exclaims Unicorn grandmaster.

"You ask this everyday, Dad," says Daughter. "We still have no answer for you."

It was not the Unicorn society's job to answer the headmaster's question, morally. They are simply living doing normal jobs. There was no need for fuss in the Unicorn kingdom, as they had been the closest things related to the Angels, who as far as they were concerned, only lived a block away. On paper, however...

"They should know this. Why don't we know this? What a shame!"

The grandmaster gets in a bit of a fuss, and maybe a bit more than usual today. The grandmaster has concern, and it would only grow as he got older. Unicorns are rare things but only because they are not capable of breeding and creating more of themselves. The concept of "Mom" and "Dad" is false, and can be assigned to any guardian that is older and more responsible. The word would just have to be taken for. The grandmaster chose his own Daughter, and she accepted. His army was made up of Sons he found the exact same way. He looks across his chosen horned family. He knows they will keep appearing, but he only wish he knew how.

"Where do we come from?" asks the grandmaster.

"We still have no answer for you." answers the Family.

In the Grandmaster's sadness, he looks down to the ground and has mental X-ray vision. Underneath, he remembers of the existence of Humans, and the large number of people they have. "Probably over a million," he thought. All the positive attributes of the humans came into his head. Their size, their intelligence, their society. The Grandmaster forgets he and his large Unicorn family have everything already, but it is fine to be blind if you have a large horn like he does. "I am Grandmaster" is another thing he remembers, coupled in with his memories of the Humans existing.

In perfect control and panic, the Grandmaster comes up with a scheme of creating more unicorns by force. The thought process is that since it is unknown where more unicorns come from, then he might as well make his own. "Maybe the person making the other unicorns will get jealous of me. What if it's an Angel making unicorns?" This small thought from the Grandmaster controlled his actions and the method of his unicorn creation.

He sent various medical Unicorn workers down to the surface to capture more humans pairings. The dark and light polarities must be taken in equal quantity like with Angels, and the medical workers will have to stitch the Humans together after they are cut in half. After they are cut in half, a sample of Unicorn blood and magic will essentially make them "just like a Unicorn". The Grandmaster even suspects that a horn will grow as well. The Grandmaster's explanation of this plan was ridiculous and made no sense, but to his question of what the rest think, they all stare in silence at each other, because they do not have an answer for him.



Without going into detail, the Unicorns were able to secure a large amount of the Humans and experiment on them anyway they pleased. There were many things to appreciate about them, and the Grandmaster could understand why in their death, they would turn into Angels. He almost became self aware of his envy of the Humans, until he saw the results of the medical workers' creations.

"Creating Unicorns isn't all that easy, you know." said one of the nurses.

"It isn't meant to be this way, you should not make us do this." said one of the nurses.

"What a difficult thing! Maybe it is better if people like you do not have answers." said the Grandmaster.

"But you're the one who asked for more people like us." said one of the nurses.

Grandmaster walks out in anger, he has always been angry -- the words from the nurses did nothing to change what he is, he is just hoping for more Unicorns.

It is a large scene in a garden, where all the nurses have started to work. There is fresh air and quiet grass, and audience members to support them. The Grandmaster's Daughter looks at the table of one of the created Unicorns.

It was an ugly mess to a Unicorn's standards, and Daughter had not seen many ugly things in her lifetime. It was a marvel for her to look at things like this, and she hoped all of the Grandmaster's creations came out as failures. She cannot tell the Grandmaster this however, and can only look for now. The nurses have been hurt by the new Unicorn's horns, as the new Unicorns do not know how to use their horns at all. The new Unicorns have succeeded in being an exhibit and a danger. The Grandmaster stays angry, despite one of the experiments going successfully. One would not be enough, all the Unicorns knew. Only the Grandmaster cared.


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